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Disember 8, 2008

My workplace was done on ‘audit’ to every staff nurses last month. There are focuses to 4 basic procedures: 1) wound dressing, 2) blood transfusion, 3) iv Drip, and 4) oral medication. During that day, everyone was worried once sister ‘KJ’ or nursing manager came to the ward. Some people will say ‘Kj, saya sibuk ni esok jer la auditand some say ‘la Kj kitaorang baru jer habis bagi ubat tadi’ hahahaha…. liar…. however audit still goes on everyday so….. ‘Tak boleh lari la’….. and what I know all nurses in my workplace did it well until end of the day.

What is ‘audit’?

Audit is one component of the risk management process, the aim of which is the promotion of quality. If improvements are identify and made in the processes and outcomes of health care, risks to the patient are minimized and costs to the employer are reduced.

Why to audit?

Audit as a vital part in ensuring the quality of care that is delivered and this applies equally to the process of record keeping. By auditing your records, you can assess the standard of the records and identify areas for improvement and staff development.

Audit tools should therefore be devised at a local level to monitor the standard of the records procedure and to form a basis both for discussion and measurement. It should primarily be directed toward serving the interests of your patients, rather than organizational convenience.

That is to maintain confidentiality of patient and client information applies to audit as to the record keeping process itself.


My opinion, audit is a one of the curriculum and assessment to keep up-to-date our skills in the workplace. So let them did it to you before someone will say ‘kamu tak pandai buat kerja’. Evaluation from the audit you will see who you are as a practitioner?.

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