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November 20, 2008

Development of my Boy ‘Danish’ was changed after 6 month we sent him to Vista Kinder world and he looked very independent then his age. He able to talk in two languages English and Malay’ and also understood once we talk to him. Sometimes we can hear him singing in the Chinese and English songs. He likes to sing “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz. We were proud and happy to see him. Vista kinder world teachers trained him to be intelligent boy.

He counts the number 1 to 10 and read A to Z. He still learns everything around him and we supported him every day. He like to show and tell me and daddy once he know something he seen. He likes to watch “bob the builder”, “astro ceria”, “play house Disney” and “cartoon network” channel. It is also learning train to him.

Last week on Friday has ‘parents days’ in his school and daddy was there. It’s like family conference between teachers and parents. From there, we can know everything about my boy development in the school. Information from teacher, Danish just has writing skill problems but he enjoy in the class. That means we have to teach him more at home than before. Maybe, he was so young once we sent him there because now he is only 2 and 10 months years old. His age, he has to learn in hearing class (music/ story books), colouring and flash cards. He learns that in his school and he did it well. We have to be proud that.

He can eat by himself and we just observe him once eating. He likes to drink plain water then before just drink milk in whole days. It’s good for digestion and prevent from dehydration. He like to eat egg fried rice, sandwich, soup and French fries. Sometimes he said “I want some more” once he need extra food. Oh! My boy…

He not wearing pampers in day times and only wearing it’s on sleep times. Now he still on training to pee in the toilet and we have to make sure every ½ hour he has to go to toilet. Sometimes I just say “Muhammad take out your pant and go to the toilet” and he did it. He cooperated once we trained him. He understood once we talk to him and sometimes he laughing once we make joke to him. We also trained him to brush his teeth from his age in 1 ½ years old. That time he just has 4-6 teeth and he crying the 1st times we did it. But now, he knows once he taken bath he has to brush his teeth and no more crying.

For information sometimes Danish call daddy and me “teacher” once we teach and did it something’s to him. He said “thank you teacher”. Hmmmm…. maybe in his mind whom teach him to learn he/she is a teacher to him.

“Swimming”-Last Friday, daddy buy swimming suite to him because everyday once we take him from the school he always said “I want to swim”. It is because his school near to swimming pool and he see people swimming on the pool every evening. To make “my dreams come true” my sister takes him to her condo and he swimming together with his cousin there. He was so happy and my sister said he has say Chinese word “cou meng aaa” once he feel uncomfortable during swimming. Everybody laugh once here that. Never mind, next year we move to the new home at Danau Lumayan Apartment and swimming pool was there. So he can swim every week with his daddy.

Daddy said “no more bottles in day times” and he has to drink on the cup. The 1st times, he was so sad and crying. In the school he using cup to drink and that means he can did it. So we have to followed at home to and only before he sleep we give the bottle but have to make sure the milk finished before he slept. It is prevent from gingivitis and carious. Now he has to brush his teeth before sleep to.

On December is the last class to Danish in the VK and we decided to send him to the new school near to my new house in Cheras. Its sudden means we do not like VK management but it is because of “time management” was change once we are there later. Thank you to all teachers in the Vista Kinder World and you did it well to my boy. VK teachers help the parents to make our kids to be the intelligent and independent as they can. Thank you for your helps….

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